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What We Offer

We specialize in Detailed Disinfection services for all workplaces, also known as Covid-19 Cleaning. Using Electrostatic Sprayers and certified disinfection products, we are able to use less chemicals and cover more areas, faster.

Covid-19 Exposure

If your workplace has been exposed to Covid-19, we will dispatch a Disinfection Squad the moment you need us. Our experienced technicians will arrive in full PPE (bodysuit, mask, faceshield, shoe covers, gloves) and get your workplace back to normal.

What’s included

• 24/7 On-demand service when you need it
• Deep cleaning of all surfaces and high-touchpoint areas
• Thorough disinfection of all surfaces and high-touchpoint areas
• Garbage and recycling removal

Clean + Disinfect

Maintain a clean and sanitized space for your clients and employees with a plan customized to your needs.

What’s included

• Deep cleaning of all surfaces and high-touchpoint areas
• Thorough disinfection of all surfaces and high-touchpoint areas
• Garbage and recycling removal
• Everything included in a janitorial plan (link)

Disinfect Only

If you already have cleaning arrangements, we can provide stand-alone disinfection services. It’s the perfect preventative to stop any potential spreading of viruses and bacteria at your workplace.

What’s included

• Thorough disinfection of all surfaces and high-touchpoint areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between “Covid-19 Exposure” and “Clean + Disinfect” service?
What products do you use to disinfect?
What equipment do you use to disinfect?
What are high touchpoint areas?
Will my facility be supervised to ensure that the service I am receiving is done right and with the highest quality?
Can you unlock/lock and alarm the building?
Are your cleaners and technicians bonded and insured?

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For over 2 decades, we have been growing our operations to provide our clients with the best customer and cleaning experience.


We are committed to providing the highest quality of cleaning and specialty services at top value.


We thrive on challenges and take every opportunity we can to improve our process and quality, to ensure that we are always growing alongside our clients.


All of our services are performed by bonded and insured technicians with the wealth of experience needed to execute the job to the highest standard.


Whether you need us today, tomorrow, or someday in the future, our team is ready to respond and deliver quickly, without you having to jump through hurdles.

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A clean, safe and organized work environment is crucial for any business to maintain high job satisfaction and maximum productivity.

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